Keirsey Temperament Sorter

  • Duration: 10-20mins
  • Cost: FREE, $15-$20 for in depth personality and career advice

Reviews From NSA Students

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  • “Looking at the results of the “sample” set, this test seemed useful and the most comparable to the Birkman. It offers personality results, career ideas, management techniques. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the funds to pay for those results, so I can’t offer much else. If I were to choose between this or the Birkman, I would chose the Birkman. Mostly because I know exactly what the Birkman has to offer… I don’t have enough info about this one. However, overall, the Birkman would end up being cheaper through Emsi’s contract. ($30 for the entire test / results vs. $20 per result set)”
  • “I have taken the KTS-II before. It is very helpful as a free personality test, but you can only access personalized career suggestions by paying. It is not a highly specific personality theory (though based on the intricate theory of cognitive functions), which means it is much easier to take the test and get accurate results. The results are not the most specific, but could be for anyone interested in learning more, as Keirsey has an in-depth explanation of his theory on the website and has published several books. His theory is most helpful for the Artisan and Guardian temperaments because of how he has chosen to categorize them on whether they primarily perceive or make judgement calls. His categories for Idealists and Rationals aren’t as helpful because he splits those types depending on if they judge by thinking or feeling, not whether they foremost perceive or judge. So, his theory isn’t completely watertight or consistent, but it is a good beginning step to self-knowledge, and especially useful to Artisan and Guardian types.”
  • “This test was slightly helpful. For the free version of the test (which I took) there is very little information given. They offer more specific analysis and career path suggestions for your specific personality when you purchase more expensive packages. For a free test, it provides interesting insights into your personality, but don’t expect it to answer any deep or specific questions (especially when it comes to searching for careers).”