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Princeton Career Review Test | NSA CONNECT

Princeton Career Review Test

  • Duration: 5-10mins

  • Cost: FREE

Reviews From NSA Students

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  • For free this was an interesting quiz to take. It wasn’t a waste of time. It gave some good ideas that I wouldn’t have thought about by myself. I wouldn’t include it in a “finding your career” course, but if someone was curious and had time on their hands, I would point them in this direction.
  • This is a career test, not a personality indicator (and by that I mean, its goal is to point you to an appropriate career, not self-knowledge), but because the test is so general and basic (and formatted around four generic types of skills), the career suggestions given are incredibly varied. For instance, my top skill (“interest”) was planning, so the list of suggested careers involved some sort of planning in any capacity (running the gamut from anthropologist to comedian to nutritionist to city planner). Pros: short and basic, so a good beginning point for figuring out one’s skills and starting to explore related career options. Cons: only focuses on 4 fundamental skills in a very limited capacity, with suggestions that are so broad as to not be that helpful.
  • For a free five minute test, this was great. It gave a nice selection of jobs, though I wish it would have shown more. It was lacking on the personality side of it, but again, for a free 5 minute test, I wouldn’t expect it to give much more.
  • I found this one surprisingly helpful for a short, free test. The distinction between Interests and Style was particularly helpful in realizing that what one might be drawn to might not be what one will excel at. The downside was that because it was a short test, of course it wasn’t as thorough and individualized as others. It took me less than 20 minutes even though I had to take the test twice because of technical difficulties.